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The Ragdoll is a relatively new cat breed, whose origin dates back to the 60's in America. The Ragdolls are the only cat breed in the world for which a patent has ever been registered. The first breeder Ann Backer attached particular importance to a very soft, silky coat, deep blue eyes and a distinctly gentle and people-oriented character. The name Ragdoll is derived from their equally unique characteristic of totally relaxing when lifted, and then resembling the rag dolls popular in the USA.


Ragdolls are large cats with a broad chest and strong legs. Males weigh about 6 to 9 kg, females about 4 to 5 kg. The paws are large, strong and oval shaped with tufts of hair between the toes. The tail of the Ragdoll is long and fluffy. The medium sized ears are round at the tips and point slightly forward. The large eyes are set relatively wide apart and must be blue in colour, preferably intense.


Ragdolls are particularly calm, sweet and affectionate creatures, devoted to their owners. This affection is similar to that of dogs. They have a friendly and outgoing nature and get along well with other pets and children. They are playful without using their claws. They are very affectionate and their blue eyes have a mesmerising, almost enchanting effect.


Ragdolls carry the point gene, which is responsible for the blue colouring of the eyes and for the basic colour of the body being lighter than the paws, ears, tail and face. In addition, this gene ensures that all kittens are born totally white and then after a few days the coat starts to change colour. Only at the age of about two years the coat gets its final colour.

Traditional Ragdoll colours are seal (n), blue (a), chocolate (b) and lilac (c).

In traditional Ragdolls only three pattern variations of the coat are allowed:

Colourpoint: light coat with dark patches on face, tail, ears and paws.

The following codes are used for the colourpoints:

RAG n=seal

RAG a=blue

RAG b=chocolate

RAG c=lilac

Bicolour (03): white inverted "V" on face, white paws, belly and chest.

RAG n 03=seal

RAG a 03=blue

RAG b 03=chocolate

RAG c 03=lilac

Mitted (04): White chin, white mitts on forefeet, white hind legs at least to heel and at most to mid-thigh and continuous white stripe on belly.

RAG n 04=seal

RAG a 04=blue

RAG b 04=chocolate

RAG c 04=lilac

Husbandry and care

With good care and high quality food, the beloved Ragdolls can be loyal companions for 15 to 20 years. Ragdolls are suitable as pure indoor cats. The silky coat does not require extensive grooming, but weekly brushing will bring out its full beauty.

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